Cisco Webex Edge improves audio, video, content for meetings

Cisco just unveiled a new set of services called Cisco Webex Edge. The offering basically lets you save money on PSTN and bandwidth while also improving the meeting experience through more advanced audio, video, and content quality.

This new offering is especially relevant given the influx of virtual or connected meetings. The internet bandwidth and PSTN can really become a major drain on resources for an organization. So here are the three different services that are designed to help: Webex Edge Audio, Webex Edge Connect, and Webex Edge Video Mesh. Each service provides its own benefits. You can deploy them separately if you have a specific need or use them all together. Here’s what you should know about each one.

Cisco Webex Edge Audio

Webex Edge Audio lets you manage meeting audio with more options. You can mix and match approaches as required. And it allows meeting participants to automatically join through direct VoIP route to the Webex Cloud. This provides a transparent and consistent experience across all devices, whether participants use a PC or Cisco-registered phone. It also provides cost savings because you no longer have to cover those PSTN charges created by employees.

Webex Edge Connect

Webex Edge Connect is a dedicated, managed QoS-enabled IP link that goes from your premises to the Cisco Webex backbone using an Equinix cloud exchange. The dedicated peering connection brings the power of Webex to your organization’s data center, giving you less congestion, packet loss, and delay while also keeping you connected from online threats.

Webex Edge Video Mesh

Cisco actually unveiled Video Mesh last year, but it was then known as Hybrid Media Service. Now, it’s being released as a Cisco Webex Edge service. If you’re not familiar with the offering, it provides local media processing for select on-premises meeting attendees, lowering latency and saving on bandwidth.

Cisco Webex Edge is already included in the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan meeting subscriptions. You just need to provision for the peering agreement to arrange monthly charges.

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