Citrix Acquires EMS Cortex – a Web Based Cloud Control Panel


Citrix is diving deeper into the Cloud Service Provider industry by acquiring web based cloud control panel company EMS Cortex. Some time back, Citrix introduced a new pricing model call Citrix Service Provider (CSP) licensing for service providers that utilized Microsoft’s Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). This is a subscription based licensing model targeted specifically at service providers. Citrix has entrenched themselves even deeper in this market with the EMS Cortex acquisition. EMS Cortex makes a web-based cloud control panel that automates the provisioning of an array of Microsoft Products including Exchange, SharePoint, OCS, Web Hosting, SQL Server, DNS, RDS, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Hyper-V. The EMS Cortex control panel also automates the provisioning of Citrix XenApp applications and desktops.

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