Citrix Acquires ShareFile

Citrix recently acquired a company called ShareFile. ShareFile provides several services including file synchronization among many devices and creating custom-branded, password-protected space where you can exchange business files with clients easily and securely. This is an interesting acquisition by Citrix. ShareFile CEO, Jesse Lipson, will become vice president and general manager of the newly-formed Data Sharing product group at Citrix. This group will be responsible for the ShareFile product line, as well as enabling the Citrix “follow-me-data” strategy. Taking a platform approach to data will enable Citrix to:

  • Make common data services like search, share, sync, secure, authenticate, open and preview available to a wide range of applications, services and use cases through a set of open APIs.
  • Extend secure data sharing services to new and existing apps stored in public and private clouds and accessed from millions of different business and consumer devices.
  • Connect data seamlessly to the way people collaborate today, ensuring that the right documents and files are always accessible when needed, and always up to date.

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