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On July 12th 2011, Citrix announced that it has completed the acquisition of is a major vendor in software platforms for Cloud computing and their main solution, CloudStack is known to be a simple and a very cost-effective ‘open by design’ solution. Citrix Systems is a major provider of virtual computing with a large spectrum of products – from Virtual Desktops to Cloud setups. Now, the interesting part is this: Citrix’s cloud-optimized virtualized platform is based on XenServer and other networking products such as NetScaler’s Cloud Gateway and Cloud Bridge while product line supports leading commercial hypervisors such as Citrix XenServer and VMware vSphere, as well as open source hypervisors. Citrix intends to continue its support to all products and even more, adding Microsoft’s product Hyper-V to the list of supported platforms. If this commitment prospers and contributes to the cloud community then we surely welcome this acquisition, otherwise it would be another big fish small fish story!

To read more about Citrix’s Acquisition go here.

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