Citrix and Amazon AWS Partnership

Citrix recently announced engineering support to Amazon for the optimization of Citrix products and Windows applications that run on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This effort will further enhance interoperability and performance of Windows workloads on AWS, while ensuring continued innovation for the Xen® virtualization platform. Citrix will also work to extend these optimizations to on-premise deployments of its commercial server virtualization platform, Citrix XenServer®, making it easier for customers to seamlessly migrate workloads between enterprise datacenters and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). As a result, AWS customers will be able to take advantage of the extensive expertise Citrix provides in virtualizing and optimizing the delivery of Windows workloads.

Citrix’s Simon Crosby point’s out some key take-aways for Citrix customers:

  1. You can expect seamless manageability for private and hosted workloads, with role-based, end-to end management, from any enterprise virtualization platform, to the cloud. A Citrix XenServer customer will be able to simply use XenCenter to manage their hosted workloads
  2. This announcement is good news for another great partner: Microsoft. The Azure VM Role thus far offers only an ephemeral instance model for Windows Server 2008 R2 VMs. Our collaboration with Amazon will enable Microsoft’s Enterprise customers (and SPLA consumers) to confidently select AWS for their most demanding non-ephemeral workloads.
  3. Citrix is committed to offering customers a set of solutions that embrace cloud computing and seamlessly extend the enterprise into an open, inter-operable and portable cloud environment, including
    • Citrix OpenCloud Bridge for seamless network connectivity
    • Citrix OpenCloud Access provides secure, role-based access to cloud hosted app workloads by enterprise administrators
    • Citrix NetScaler offers secure credential-based access to desktops and cloud based apps
    • A powerful set of value added solutions that span enterprise and cloud, including Lab Management, Disaster Recovery, Compliance and more.

See the press announcement here…

See Simon’s full article here…

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