Citrix offers app layering with its acquisition of Unidesk

In January of 2016, Citrix made an important acquisition in Unidesk, which has created a unique way to support layering, a Windows application packaging and management technology. Using Unidesk streamlines app delivery and VDI deployments with easier management. The acquisition would enable Citrix to integrate Unidesk technology to XenApp and XenDesktop.

Well, the time has finally arrived. This month, Citrix has announced that Unidesk technology has arrived. Now called Citrix App Layering, it will simplify application and OS management for any organization.

What does Citrix App Layering even mean?

Application layering is of significant importance in Windows environments to separate apps from the underlying operating system so they can be managed once and delivered from any computing system to any device. But what separates Unidesk from other solutions out there is it has greater application compatibility than any of the other tools out there.

With Unidesk full-stack layering technology, compatibility is enhanced because Windows is layered as modular virtual disks, including the Windows OS itself (the OS layer), apps (the apps layers), and a writable persistent layer that captures all settings, apps, and data. With Unidesk’s high compatibility, there’s an easy transition to the cloud, and IT admins need only manage a single app image across both on-premises and cloud-based deployments.

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Citrix App Layering Features

  • Layering of all Windows–apps, OS, and user profiles
  • App compatibility greater than 99.5%
  • Packaging apps once for on-demand (elastic) or base image delivery
  • Offers app and OS sharing in both on-premises and hybrid cloud environments
  • Eliminates golden images and “image sprawl”
  • Supports VDI and XenApp on-demand app delivery
  • Supports Azure

I’m in! How do I get it?

To get access to Citrix App Layering, you need the following subscriptions:

  • XenApp (Advanced, Enterprise, and Platinum editions)
  • XenDesktop (VDI, Enterprise, and Platinum editions)
  • Citrix Workspace Suite with an active Citrix Customer Success Services Select (Software Maintenance)
  • Citrix cloud package XenApp Service, XenDesktop Service, and WorkSpace service

There’s a 60 day free trial that’s accessible right here.

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