Citrix goes for SMB VDI with purchase of Kiviza


Citrix is focused on VDI in the enterprise with XenDesktop. However, XenDesktop isn’t always best for SMB’s trying to get their feet wet. Therefore, Citrix has acquired a company called Kaviza. Kaviza makes a product called VDI-in-a-Box. VDI-in-a-box is a turnkey product that bundles all the core VDI functionality into one single virtual appliance. Dynamic desktop provisioning, load balancing, high-availability, user and desktop management are built-in.

Gabe Knuth wrote a article detailing the acquisition. Gabe poses the following questions:

  • Will we see a sort of XenDesktop Fundamentals like we have with XenApp Fundamentals, which is a turnkey solution for deploying XenApp that is aimed at SMBs?
  • Will VDI-in-a-Box continue to run on VMware ESX or ESXi? Will it be extended to Hyper-V?
  • Will VDI-in-a-Box still be sold at two price points, one with HDX and one without?

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