Citrix (HDX) versus to VMware PCoIP tested with Login VSI

Although video isn’t necessarily a business use case, the way a protocol handles high definition video can tell you a lot about how well the protocol will handle graphic-rich applications that are business critical to many companies. Login Consultant’s Frank Anderson recently compared Citrix XenDesktop 5.5 (HDX) with VMware View 5 (PCoIP) and shared the results.


According to the video, in all cases Citrix HDX used less bandwidth while transmitting more frames per second than VMware PCoIP. These are some interesting results!

Here is the description given with the video:

Detailed protocol test comparing HDX and PCoIP using Login VSI v3. Workload consisted of Login VSI’s Medium with Flash video (default). Both LAN and WAN scenarios were tested and measured using bandwidth consumption and frame rate statistics. Configuration settings, including workload choice and network scenarios, were taken from a VMware commissioned third party document titled “Desktop Virtualization with VMware View 5.0 Compared to View 4.6”. Like the report, Build-to-Lossless (BTL) was disabled and Windows 7 was used at the endpoint to maximize client caching benefits across both products.

To make this a true apples-to-apples comparison, VMware’s vSphere5 hosted all of the infrastructure components (including the virtual desktops) with a dedicated physical server for the desktops. The same server and client hardware was used for all test cases.

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