Citrix Launches First Networking System to Harness All the Power of New Intel Xeon Processor 5680 Series

SANTA CLARA, CA – 4/27/2010 – Today at the Interop 2010 conference in Las Vegas, Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTXS) announced the availability of three new ultra high-performance NetScaler® MPX™ appliances. Leveraging all the power of the recently released Intel® Xeon® processor 5680 series technology, and the newest NetScaler version 9.2 software with Citrix nCore™ technology, (see link to 9.2 release here), the new NetScaler MPX 17500, 19500 and 21500 appliances offer the ideal blend of scalability, functionality and performance. In stark contrast to other application networking vendors that rely upon proprietary hardware that limits their ability to quickly adapt, the Citrix approach allows for rapid time to market, flexible feature additions and fully leverages the latest Intel CPU advancements as they are released.

Cloud computing offers unparalleled flexibility and agility, but it can also add latency to application traffic and deliver uneven application availability for global users. By pairing NetScaler with Intel® Xeon® processor 5680 series technology, Citrix is providing another simple, yet robust, solution that drives the elasticity of the cloud into the datacenter.  With virtual datacenters delivering ever more complex Web 2.0 applications, these drawbacks are only amplified. The new NetScaler MPX models make virtual datacenters a reality by simultaneously providing application acceleration, intelligent traffic management, and security – all at extreme performance levels demanded at the front-end of virtual datacenters.

The new NetScaler MPX models uniquely scale from 20-to-35-to-50 Gbps performance – all on the same physical appliance, requiring no forklift upgrade. As with all NetScaler solutions, these new MPX appliances support all NetScaler features, including L4-7 local and global load balancing, content caching, data compression, SSL VPN, Web 2.0 server offload, and advanced application firewall security. In addition, these new solutions allow an organization to increase performance with a simple license upgrade under the company’s popular “Pay-as-You-Grow” program. NetScaler customers can quickly boost performance by up to 2.5X as their datacenter traffic increases.


Julie Craig, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates
“The speed at which Citrix is to able to deliver new products, new architecture and form factors based on the latest technology positions Citrix well with its customers.  Not only does Citrix understand that it’s important to provide the features and functionalities that support what customers need today, but they are also helping their customers provision for what’s coming in the future. All this plus attractive Pay-As-You Grow pricing is what customers are looking for.”

Klaus Oestermann, Group Vice President and General Manager, Networking and Cloud Product Group at Citrix
“Thanks to the unique and open product line up we offer as a company, we are able to develop on industry leading platforms as soon as they are introduced to the market, which is what we did here with Intel  Within hours of Intel shipping the first Xeon 5600 processor, Citrix was able to also introduce a high-end NetScaler MPX developed entirely on Intel technology.  Being able to react so nimbly, and then produce an excellent product that exceeds current market offerings in terms of density and power, is a unique proposition that no other vendor can offer.”

Boyd Davis, Vice President Data Center Group Marketing, Intel
“The Intel Xeon processor delivers the intelligent, power efficient performance virtual datacenters need today and in the future.  Intel is thrilled that Citrix selected the Intel Xeon processor 5680 series as the Citrix Netscaler MPX appliance platform of choice.”

Key Facts and Highlights:

  • Best Performance-to-Power Consumption – More than double the efficiency versus competitive offerings
  • Saves Precious Rack Space – Compact 2U form factor provides 70 percent rack space savings versus chassis-based designs
  • Highest Appliance Performance Available Today – Drives an unparalleled 50Gbps of L4 and L7 throughput, and provides record-breaking application layer scaling supporting 4.4 million HTTP requests per second and 10 Gbps of web application firewall security.
  • Massive Scalability Increases – Provides up to 3X the number of total concurrent TCP connections and up to 9X more TCP connections per second versus competitive offerings to support unpredictable traffic spikes.

Pricing and Availability

Citrix NetScaler MPX 17500, MPX 19500 and MPX 21500 appliances are available now through Citrix Solution Advisors worldwide.  Pricing begins at $140,000. Customers can upgrade from one model to the next higher rated version with a simple software license upgrade, providing unparalleled flexibility and avoiding costly and unnecessary hardware replacements.  

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