Citrix releases client hypervisor – XenClient

I just got back from attending Citrix Synergy in San Francisco. One of the big announcements was that XenClient is now available. XenClient is Citrix’s client hypervisor. The idea behind a client hypervisor is that you can run multiple VMs on client hardware using a bare-metal hypervisor. Image having a personal VM and a work VM running on the same piece of physical hardware. The work VM can be synchronized to a centralized data center for remote access. This is kind of like using VDI offline. To make things even more secure, the administrator can send XenClient a “kill pill” to destroy VMs if the device is lost or stolen.

There are some caveats however. Only certain types of hardware are “certified” to run XenClient. Other types of hardware will most likely work, but there is a pretty small list of “certified” hardware. Another limitation is that only 1 VM can use the GPU fully for things like DirectX or Aero Glass.

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