Citrix and VMware unveil new tools for graphics-heavy 3D virtual workloads

If you’re looking to experience or deliver graphics-heavy virtual workloads, you may be pleased to hear about a couple of recent updates from Citrix and VMware. Here’s some more information about the solutions and how they might impact your organization.

Citrix HDX Ready Pi

Citrix recently announced its ability to run a remoted 3D workload using a combination of Citrix HDX Ready Pi, Citrix XenServer, Nvidia M60 GPU, Citrix XenDesktop running Windows 10 VDI and an iPhone 6S with 4G.

For organizations that work in 3D or need the ability to create virtual workloads in 3D, this solution could be big news. The solution combines a series of different Citrix components into one process. The company also created a video demonstrating how it works.

[tg_youtube video_id=”hUmlER4H55E”]

We’ve brought the reality of “follow the sun” one step closer and this is BIG for many organizations across the globe. — Christian Reilly, CTO for Citrix Workspace Services

Nvidia GRID + VMware Blast Extreme

VMware also announced the ability to provide great user experience for high performance desktops remotely. It’s calling the demo experience “try GRID.”

It can be quite challenging for IT administrators to provide great user experience for high-performance desktops remotely. With VMware Blast Extreme and its new adaptive transport capabilities, we made this possible. — Kiran Rao, VMware director of product management for remote experience

In this case, VMware and Nvidia work together to provide a consistent experience for professional graphics workloads in both LAN and WAN environments. The Blast Extreme protocol provides an immersive virtual desktop experience using the Nvidia Tesla M60 graphics card. And the technology also provides both graphics acceleration and H.264 encode capabilities.

All of this is in an effort to provide a real workstation-like experience on a virtual workstation. You can sign up now to try GRID to see the experience for yourself.

Photo credit: Citrix

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