Citrix Workspace Environment Management provides simple, scalable solution

Months after its acquisition of Norskale, Citrix announced updates to its Workspace Environment Management (WEM) tool.

For those looking for simple workspace management software for XenApp and XenDesktop, Citrix Workspace Environment Management could provide a user experience that is both straightforward and scalable. Here’s some more information about the software.

What is WEM?

Citrix Workspace Environment Management

WEM is a software program made to improve workspace performance through three main factors: resource optimization, user experience management, and transformer solutions. These components are designed to allow you to keep users’ sessions responsive, keep sessions and login times as quick as possible, eliminate PC management headaches, and extend the life of your hardware.

The main thing that sets this system apart from other solutions is how it simplifies the process of managing each of these components at once. Instead of needing separate tools for resource optimization, user experience management, and transformer solutions, you just need one WEM.

How can I get started?

XenApp or XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum customers with active Customer Success Services Select can access the software. It is a separate download within those programs. You will need to set it up separately.

To get started, you can simply sign into your Citrix account and download WEM right into your XenApp or XenDesktop interface. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for a trial and then request access to WEM by submitting your request and contact info directly to Citrix. But currently, you can’t simply download it onto a trial version as it’s not included.

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