Citrix Workspace offers unified workspace experience

Citrix recently announced a new cloud-based service called Citrix Workspace. The service aims to change the way end users can access their apps and data.

Citrix will roll out Citrix Workspace over multiple phases in the coming months. And the company also plans to add features and capabilities over time.

Here’s a basic overview of what Citrix Workspace provides in its current iteration.

Unified workspace

Citrix Workspace

In many organizations, team members use a number of different applications and programs on various devices. That can all be a lot for IT to manage without having one central workspace to make sure all resources are accessible and secure and that the user experience is as consistent as possible across devices.

Citrix Workspace provides just that. And it’s not just a unified workspace where end users can access Citrix resources. It can be used to access all apps and data from various sources.

The workspace is adaptive. So end users can use credentials to connect to the workspace. And then they’ll have access to a highly secure but customizable environment.

Easier upgrades

In addition to the unified workspace, Citrix Workspace also makes upgrades and migration easier. For example, if you decide to move XenApp and XenDesktop deployments to a public cloud, Citrix Workspace and Citrix Cloud make that transition seamless.

In addition, you can use Citrix Workspace to deliver XenApp 6.5 resources. So if you make the move to Citrix Workspace, it can serve as the first step in the upgrade process for XenApp 6.5 users.

Customizable workspace

Citrix Workspace also gives end users the ability to build the workspace they want with all the different apps and services they use regularly. Citrix Workspace simplifies the onboarding process. So users can easily add and remove apps and services over time as their working environment changes.

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