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Citrix recently released their client hypervisor called XenClient. Jim Moyle got his hands on XenClient and wrote a nice detailed review on his first thoughts. Jim details the installation of XenClient, guest VM installation, experimental features, peripheral support, XenClient with Synchronizer, and more. Each section is well written and an easy read. Jim sums it all up by stating:

I have to say I’m impressed, the consoles were snappy and easy to use, apart from some issues with installing the tools everything worked as documented. I expected the USB support to be iffy and the HCL to be small. both of these will improve over time. The HCL especially will get better quickly as Dell and HP OEM XenClient and add their own drivers.

Peripheral support is a big deal, they really need to get USB support as close to native as possible, or acceptance is going to be hard.

Guest support is OK, though Linux guest support needs to arrive quickly, one of the major benefits of having a client hypervisor will be having 3rd party virtual appliances sitting in the background. I’m sure this is where major innovation and value add from third parties is going to come. Without Linux support, that’s not going to happen.

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