Citrix XenServer is now completely open source

For those of you that prefer your source open as opposed to proprietary, you may like the recent news that Citrix if fully open sourcing their XenServer product.  Beginning with XenServer 6.2

  • XenServer 6.2 is available as a free open source virtualization platform for all users
  • Citrix is also introducing a new community portal
  • Citrix provides a paid version of XenServer that includes support and maintenance
  • The product includes new CPU socket licensing
  • There is newly simplified packaging and pricing

Now that the product itself is free, Citrix plans to make its money through the sales of support subscriptions.  Without a support subscription, updates to the product will have to take place manually.  Here is Citrix’s new support pricing:

  • Annual – $500 per socket (License and Software Maintenance: SA and support)
  • Perpetual – $1250 per socket (License and Software Maintenance: SA and support)

For more information, refer to Citrix’s own announcement.

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