Clearing down move-request information in bulk

In Exchange 2010 when you move a mailbox, it is scheduled as a move request. This progress and ultimate result of such moves can be viewed via the Exchange Management Console via:

[ Recipient Configuration -> Move Request ]

Or via the Exchange Management Shell by using the Get-MoveRequest command

Overtime a record of the move requests will build up, therefore admins may wish to clear these down periodically.

You can remove entries for completed move requests from within the Exchange Management Console on a per request basis (e.g. one by one) – by clicking on the request using the right hand mouse button and from the context menu that appears choosing “Clear Move Request” – however as mentioned this has to be done one by one.

If you have a lot of completed requests that you would like to clear down you can use the following commands in the Exchange Management Shell:

$move = get-MoveRequest | Where {$_.Status –eq ‘completed’} 

Foreach($mvr in $move){Remove-MoveRequest $mvr –Confirm:$false}

All completed move requests will be cleared down from your system.

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