Clear Internet Explorer cache when IE exits

Internet Explorer is notorious for consuming large amounts of disk space for
cache. This can cause major problems with roaming profiles. With this hack, you can
force IE to clean up its cache every time it’s closed. You will save a lot of
space and shouldn’t see a performance problem unless you are in the habit of
opening and closing IE multiple times during the day. This automatically clears
the cache.


Name: Persistent

Value: 0 clear cache when IE exits
Value: 1 don’t delete cached files

If you want to manually clear it ever so often :

  • Control Panel
  • Internet Options
  • General Tab
  • Delete Files
To control page reload options:

  • Control Panel
  • Internet Options
  • General Tab
  • Settings
The settings option is used to control how often IE
checks for newer versions of cached pages:

  • Every visit to the page
  • Every time you start IE
  • Automatically
  • Never

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