Cloning your scripts folder in your Azure Cloud Shell session

Azure Cloud Shell provides you with a file share that allows you to store your scripts and some files that will be persistent among your sessions. That is fantastic! However, I like to keep all my scripts in my GitHub, or when I’m wearing my corporate hat, then a private repo in Azure DevOps is the tool of choice. How can we clone the Azure DevOps repo in Cloud Shell or any other client? The process is straightforward and requires less than two minutes to complete.

First, go to your repo (in our case, Scripts) and click on Clone.

cloud shell scripts

In the new blade, copy the address (Item 1) and memorize (just kidding!) the password (Item 2)

Now, logged on to your Cloud Shell session or your machine, execute the following command git clone <URL>, where <URL> is what we had in the previous step. A password will be required, so paste the password from the last step as well. Wait for the replication of the data to occur.

cloud shell scripts
cloud shell scripts

A new folder will be created locally, and it has the name of the repo in our case scripts. Go inside of that given folder and list the files, we will have a local copy of our Azure DevOps repo.

cloud shell scripts

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