Cloning Exchange 2010 Database Settings from a source Database

Exchange 2010 Databases have a number of common configurable properties – for example;

OfflineAddressBook       : \Default Offline Address Book

ProhibitSendReceiveQuota : 600 MB (629,145,600 bytes)

ProhibitSendQuota        : 500 MB (524,288,000 bytes)

DeletedItemRetention     : 30.00:00:00

IssueWarningQuota        : 400 MB (419,430,400 bytes)

MailboxRetention         : 60.00:00:00


All of the above can set on a per databases basis via the Exchange Management Console or via the Exchange Management Shell.

Working with these settings on a per database level when you only have 5 databases within your environment is not very difficult – however, if you have 20 or more that you wish to share common settings, configuring theses values can become very time consuming and repetitive – especially via the Management Console.

However the following is a sample Powershell script which you can customise to suite your own needs (e.g. add further properties to copy, or inset a loop which copies settings to all DB’s on a certain server) that will copy the settings that you specify from a template database to a source database:

# Get a template Database and relevant properties (you can get more by retrieving them via the Get-MailboxDatabase CMDlet) that you wish to "copy" into a variable called $Template


$Template = Get-MailboxDatabase "prod-ex2010-01-General-1" | select offlineaddressbook,prohibitsendreceivequota,prohibitsendquota,deleteditemretention,issuewarningquota,mailboxretention


# Use the Set-MailboxDatabase command to configure the properties which are located in the $template variable


Set-MailboxDatabase "prod-ex2010-01-General-2" -OfflineAddressBook $Template.offlineAddressBook -IssueWarningQuota $Template.issuewarningquota -ProhibitSendQuota $Template.prohibitsendquota -ProhibitSendReceiveQuota $Template.prohibitsendreceivequota

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