Cloud Backup with Microsoft’s Azure

CA Technologies and Microsoft join forces to offer Cloud backup services. CA Technologies well known for their enterprise backup solution ARCserve will piggyback onto Microsoft’s Azure services to compete with its rivals CommVault, Symantec and others. On the other hand, Microsoft would benefit from a wider portfolio of cloud services which gives them a competitive advantage as a complete cloud provider. The new cloud service is aimed at small-to-medium businesses where both vendors are strong. Together they can provide a local backup, a remote backup and a hybrid backup solution or some elements of a disaster recovery plan.

Although, the beta version will be released this summer it is understood that it will include encryption to protect data and data deduplication methods to save bandwidth costs. However, one would assume that they would come up with other services later on. Other vendors offer portable backups which is a service that allows customers to copy their data onto disk drives and have them shipped. So far, CA Technologies has committed itself to Microsoft’s Azure which means that its customers can only use Azure as the backup backend where other backup providers such as, CommVault allows its customers to move data off to their choice of cloud providers.

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