Cloud SQL from Google for Microsoft SQL Server unveiled

Google recently announced some new products and features aimed at helping enterprise users manage workloads and data in new ways. Chief among these upgrade is the availability of Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL Server. Here’s more about this change and a couple of other upgrades that could have applications for enterprise customers.

Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is already a popular tool for many enterprises. So Google is working on a feature that will let you bring your existing SQL Server workloads to GCP so you can run them in a fully managed database service. Cloud SQL is currently in sneak preview and is expected to become more widely available later this year.

Essentially, the company wants to make it easier for enterprises to make everything you use in on-premises environments work in the same way when you move to the cloud. This new option lets you run fully managed SQL Server without the need for tedious tasks like backups, replication, patches, updates, or worrying about VM operations. Instead, you can basically lift and shift existing SQL Server workloads within the apps you already use and then access that data on various GCP services.

Version 11 support for Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL

In addition to the Microsoft SQL Server news, Google is also unveiling version 11 support for Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL. The GCP database was originally released last year and has become increasingly popular in that time. The newest version offers support for version 11 along with a few additional features like partitioning improvements, stored procedures, and increased parallelism.

Cloud Bigtable multiregion replication

For those who run workloads in the cloud and want to be able to make data available in multiple regions, a new feature in Cloud Bigtable may be of interest. Now generally available, the new multiregion replication feature lets you easily distribute data globally and scale up to petabyte-size enterprise workloads.

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