Cloud Hosting Explained: Infographic

Cloud hosting is a convenient way to store pictures, videos, music and other data online. There are many benefits that come with using private cloud hosting. If your computer crashes or gets a virus, you will be able to access all of your important files through your cloud hosting provider. Cloud computing also makes sharing very efficient and fast. You can simply email or send links to share your data that’s stored in the cloud. People use this feature for business and work projects, but it is also used by students and everyday computer users for school, entertainment and more. Even more recently, cloud hosting has been used for storage and retrieval of medical records. Security in medical record cloud storage is of utmost importance and that is why hosting providers like SingleHop (who created this helpful infographic), and Amazon Web Services offer specialized HIPAA compliant hosting.


Once you load your files into the cloud, you can access them from a computer, phone, tablet or other Internet-connected device. This is the main working premise behind streaming services like Netflix or Spotify, they upload the data and you can access it anywhere.  You can login from any device into your online cloud storage account, and you will see all of your files readily available to you. If you choose to share an account with others, you will want to consider password protecting certain files. You may also simply be able to set the files to “private” using the security options that your cloud hosting provider lists. The infographic below helps explain some of the main uses of the cloud and how they can help you at work, home and school!

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