Cloud Technology Partners has over $9 Million to Bolster AWS Biz

Cloud Technology Partners is the preeminent thought leader in the fundamental shift from on-premises computing infrastructure to the cloud,” said Chris Girgenti, Managing Partner, Pritzker Group Venture Capital. “Cloud Technology Partners management has built leading businesses during two past IT infrastructure transitions and assembled the team and product resources necessary to capitalize on this historic opportunity.”

Besides supporting AWS, Cloud Technology Partners also supports the Google Cloud Platform, and in 2014 completed some 75 projects.

Converting Legacy to Cloud a Specialty

Many cloud apps are built from scratch to take advantage of all the benefits you gain from running in the ether.

But what about all those legacy apps that are expensive to run and maintain in your data center?

In many cases these programs can be moved to the cloud, and Cloud Technology Partners hopes to make that transition easier through its new CTP Labs for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

With CTP’s help these old, monolithic apps can be spiffed up by adding auto-scaling and multitenant features.

“Many of our clients are ISVs and enterprises that provide applications to their customers. They are investing in SaaS delivery models to better support their existing customer base and generate new revenue opportunities,” said Chris Greendale, CEO and Founder, Cloud Technology Partners.

One ISV partner is already availing itself of the CTP Lab.

“Pegasystems provides software that helps organizations deliver superior customer experiences. We deliver the same enterprise software on-premises and in the cloud — and in the cloud, we deliver our software on Amazon Web Services for our enterprise clients,” said John Igoe, Vice President of Cloud Operations, Security and Technology, Pegasystems.  “Working with the team at Cloud Technology Partners helps us continually deliver some of the most sophisticated, dependable and secure cloud solutions available in the market.”

CTP Labs has a number of specialists, including security experts, developers, DevOps pros, architects and business strategists.

With such a staff, the company can do product planning, business modelling and market analysis.

“CTP Labs bring pre-packaged and proven approaches, methods, frameworks, and toolsets to the project, thus improving time-to-market while taking the guesswork, risk, and cost out of converting systems into cloud services,” says David Linthicum, SVP, Cloud Technology Partners. “All technology needs are considered including multitenancy, auto-scaling, provisioning, use-based accounting, governance, management, API development and such features that normally are not part of initial cloud services deployments, but are a requirement in the market today.”

CTP is playing in a relatively new field known as Legacy PaaS where IT can migrate older code and applications, even Cobol, to the cloud. Once in the cloud these applications are far easier to update by adding new code on top of the legacy code.

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