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I was interviewed by CMS Wire on my predictions for 2015 on the weather forecast, no the cloud sorry.

Just one day after I had send my thoughts and one day before it was published, events caught us by surprise and words got our that Blackberry was in discussion with Samsung for 150% of their market capitalization. While both companies denied the rumors the following day (hint: it is never good when all your team is busy computing the value of their stock options rather than generating real value …) giving one day a 20% 30% increase in stock price followed by a 19% decrease the following day, this showed that Tech M&A will be very busy yet again during 2015 and that as I hinted in this CMS article and in a previous post: BlackBerry has a strategy and is indeed very valuable.

So watch both spaces and do not leave the house without your umbrella.

You can see my predictions on this blog and also the other very interresting ones of my peers:

  • Margaret Craig, CEO, Signiant
  • Lakshman Narayanaswamy, Co-Founder and VP of products, Sanovi Technologies
  • Marc Kalman, CEO, Bizlate

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