COHO Data Going Through More Layoffs

It seems to be a bit of a depressing time in IT this month. Recently on the In Tech We Trust podcast we talked about how COHO Data is laying off more people, which they did have a brief round of just a few months back already. It’s even been said that this may be the end for COHO which would be a serious shame. I’ve not gotten confirmation from any COHO representatives on this as of yet.

It’s not looking great for this company, though, and while storage has had its hayday in the last couple of years, it may be time that recent storage startups will start consolidating and perhaps even become redundant. I don’t have numbers on the layoffs, and it may only be a minimal amount again this time. However, I believe COHO has less than 200 people working there, so pretty much anything could be considered significant.

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