Collective Software’s Debugging Filter

You might remember collective software — they’re the smart guys who put together several great solutions for ISA Firewall admins. The best among them being ClearTunnel, which allows you to perform outbound SSL bridging and LCS-bridge, which allows you to use SIP with LCS sites published behind the ISA Firewall.

Collective Software has to do a lot of debugging when working with their products and the ISA Firewall, so they made a very cool debugging tool to help them with their work. This tool is implemented as a Web Filter, so it very useful for getting inside the ISA Firewall’s head and figuring where stuff is coming from. And because it’s a Web Filter, you can examine traffic moving through the ISA Firewall in an SSL to SSL bridging scenario.

This is a 100% free filter and Collective Software would like to make this available to the ISA Firewall community as thanks for their support. You can use this to help in general troubleshooting, and if you create your own filters, it should help you even more.

You can find the tool and some documentation at:

The Collective Software site is at



Thomas W Shinder, M.D.

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MVP — Microsoft Firewalls (ISA)

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