Command Prompt Windows Options

Need more lines in that Command Prompt window? You can change the window by
typing in a Mode command. For example, if you need 50 lines in the window (as an
example), type

mode con lines=50

and press Enter. You’ll now have 50 lines available for use. If you’d like to
change the window width, type (for example)

mode con cols=90

and press Enter. When you close the window, the mode setting reverts to the
default, so when you open the Command Prompt window again, it will use the
default values. To modify the default settings, right-click the Command Prompt
shortcut and choose Properties. Click the Layout tab and enter a new size into
the Window Size Height and Width spin boxes. Click OK to close the dialog box
and record your changes.

I work a lot in command windows. I often have multiple command windows open.
A good visual aid to help keep me focused, is the title command. Lets say I have
one command window opened working on the development web server and another
working on the production web server. I issue commands:

title Production WEB

in the production web command window and

title Development WEB

in the test web command window to get the appropriate label on the window
bar. Or you might want to label the dark place:

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