Comparison of NT commandline vs Linux commandline

If you have never worked as a unix admin and have only used NT GUI-based tools,
you have no idea why command-line mode is so productive for administrators. OK –
thats condescending but having worked as a unix admin and nt admin, I see nt
admins working and working and working and working doing repetitive tasks in the
NT GUI that should be automated in a script. Scripts are ugly. They can be
complex. It is the dark place after all. You can administrate a small
environment with the GUI or if you don’t want bathroom breaks, you can
administrate a medium sized environment with the GUI. Give it a try, you may
like it. If on the other hand, you are getting into NT administration from a
unix background, NT does have more command-line capabilities than you think. See
comparison of linux and nt commandline commands. I have used the MKS Toolkit for years on intel platforms starting
from DOS 3.0 to NT2000. Highly recommend it. I strongly recommend Perl which is a particularly rich scripting language.

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