Configuring Disk Quotas using Windows Explorer

With Windows Explorer you can manage disk quotas in Windows Servers 2008 without the need of invoking the Quota management console, although the console remains the recommended tool.

To configure disk quotas on a computer using Windows Explorer follow these steps:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and right click the disk you want to configure quotas for and select Properties.
  2. From the disk properties window, select the Quota tab.
  3. Check the Enable quota management box as show below:

  4. Select the Limit disk space to option and specify the limit and warning thresholds. Users are not notified when they exceed the limit.
  5. Select the Log event when a user exceeds their quota limit and/or warning level check box/s to add an event in the System event log when this occurs. An event ID of 36 from source NTFS indicates that a user has reached the warning level and an ID of 37 indicates that a user has reached the quota limit. If you want to get notified when these events occur you need to use event triggers to send an email to your inbox or run a specific program.
  6. When you select the option Deny disk space to users exceeding quota limit, users will be unable to save or update files when they exceed their quota limit. This may harm users’ productivity and should be used with caution. I suggest that you set up appropriate warning thresholds and event triggers so that you can follow up before the user is blocked.
  7. The Quota Entries… button allows you to view the current disk usage. In this window you can double click a user to configure a user specific quota that differs from the default settings for the disk.

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