Configuring Microsoft Exchange for Fast Recovery

Configuring Microsoft Exchange for Fast Recovery is a free e-book available from Realtime Publishers.

Microsoft Exchange is the premiere authority for email in today’s global marketplace. With the impact email has on the workplace and corporate communications, along with the advent of Exchange Server 2007, maintaining an optimal environment is vital.  This includes building a resilient environment that can recover from unexpected interruptions.

The Essentials Series: Configuring Microsoft Exchange for Fast Recovery will provide you with the tools for configuring hardware backup and restoration strategies to help return Exchange to full function with minimal downtime.

Article 1: Addressing Hardware Needs and Determining Recovery Point Objectives
In the first article of this series, you will learn how to build an Exchange environment that is designed to keep working and enhance performance. You will also learn about the role of Recovery Point Objectives in achieving fast recovery.

Article 2: Backup Methods Available for Exchange
To be sure you have the ability to perform fast recoveries in Exchange Server, you need to be sure you have a good method of backup. The backup must be fast, complete, and, of course, recoverable. This article looks at different backup methodologies and considers some of the new features in Exchange 2007 that make fast recovery possible. It also covers considerations for backing up the various server roles and domain controllers. Finally, this second article finishes up with backup best practices.

Article 3: Exchange Recovery Recommendations
Failure is not an option, or so we like to think! Failure in an organization is not a question of if but when. When it does occur it is important to be able to recover quickly. In this last article we will look at recommendations for achieving these goals and how to improve RPO and RTO to meet or exceed the Service Level agreements for your organization.

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