Configuring Virtual Organizations and Address List Segregation in Exchange 2007

Microsoft finally published official information about “shared hosting” with Exchange 2007. If you read my articles about Shared Hosting with Exchange 2007, you probably noticed the disclaimers stating that Microsoft would soon publish related documentation.

Well, the wait is over, you can now read the White Paper: Configuring Virtual Organizations and Address List Segregation in Exchange 2007.

The described procedures are more or less the same I wrote about, although Microsoft provides scripts for most of the tasks, which is really good, since it makes more difficult to mess up your environment.

And remember, these procedures are not for the faint-of-the-heart. Here’s a small excerpt from the document:

The configuration described in this document is complex in nature, and while it can be effective in smaller environments or in limited scope, it can become very challenging to manage such a configuration as the scope of the deployment increases if automation steps are not implemented.

And I leave you with a final note from Dave Goldman’s Blog (the main author of the document):

This document is *not* a replacement solution for a HMC (Hosted Solution). This document is meant to be used for companies that need to separate out their internal support structure. If you are going to be hosting other companies or organizations you will want to go towards a Hosted Solution and this document is *not* for you.

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