Configuring Security for Server Based Printers

A server based printer is one that is shared throughout a network from a server. The good thing about doing this is that through that server you can manage advanced security settings regarding the use and management of that printer that would typically not be available.

You can access the security settings of a printer by browsing to the printer’s dialog of the control panel on the server the printer is shared from. One there, right click the printer in question, select “properties”, and click the “security” tab. Once here you will notice this area looks very similar to the one you see when assigning file and folder permissions for users and groups. This window works in the exact same way, however you have a different set of permissions to be assigned. These permissions include the ability to print, manage printer documents, and to manage the printer itself.

Any time you set up a server based printer it is crucial that you secure it using these permissions.


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