Disaster recovery in a Kubernetes system: Best practices and solutions

Kubernetes disaster recovery is not an easy job because of the application’s sheer complexity. Here are some best practices to…

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DockerCon Live 2021: Registration opens for free virtual conference

DockerCon Live 2021, a one-day virtual developers conference, is set for May 27. Here’s what you can expect and how…

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Top 6 managed Kubernetes services in the market

Opting for a managed Kubernetes services provider can be daunting, no matter how necessary it is for your organization. We…

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NetApp Astra and the race for Kubernetes data supremacy

NetApp Astra is an enterprise-grade data management suite for Kubernetes workloads aimed at managing Kubernetes containers.

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Docker raises $23M — Will its new developer focus hold up to reality?

Docker has received an influx of cash as it bets on a developers’ community that is in large part dictating…

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New Kubernetes management tool GKE Autopilot unveiled

Kubernetes is the go-to tool for container orchestration. But optimizing it for your needs can be frustrating. GKE Autopilot may…

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Successful takeaways and lessons learned from Kubernetes failures

Kubernetes is big. Kubernetes is complex. And sometimes this complexity leads to Kubernetes failures. But each fail has a lesson…

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The year in review: Top Kubernetes features of 2020

Kubernetes has evolved quickly over the last couple of years, and 2020 was no different. Here’s a look at some…

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Open-source security tools for cloud and container applications

Containerization has elements that need special attention. These open-source security tools can ensure the security of your container environment.

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These startups prove it pays to bet on open-source DevOps tools

If you’re into DevOps, you need open-source tools to build state-of-the-art applications. The ones listed here are a great choice.

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