Content marketing and AI: Cut your costs and increase your customers

Present growth of artificial intelligence is staggering. Achievements in the field shock the public every year with developments exceeding expectations. AI became an especially hot topic last year as we witnessed an android Sophia receiving citizenship, machine learning becoming a usual part of both service and manufacturing industries, and chatbots answering client messages. These recent developments have caused many to take a closer look at further advancement with anticipation and fear of possibly being replaced by a bot. AI systems have even entered the fields that a few years ago were seen as human-only occupations. One such area is content marketing. This industry has seen huge growth in the last decade as the Internet, and social media have virtually destroyed the limits of this type of marketing. Recent trends and predictions suggest that it will continue to grow steadily and will be one of the leading ways to reach the customer in years to come.

Task distribution: AI as an ally rather than a competitor

content marketingWhen it comes to content marketing or relatively any field that AI reaches out into, competing against it becomes a zero-sum game with no winners. Therefore the best approach is the one suggested a couple of hundred years ago by the person often titled as the father of modern market economy — Adam Smith. His suggestion to the problem is the distribution of labor according to advantages possessed. That means that humans are to do what they can do better than algorithms, which is to provide creative ideas for content. AI, meanwhile, is supposed to take roles where it can be more useful than some humans, which by and large fall into categories of data analysis and certain levels of implementation as well as providing tools for human counterparts to be more effective at their work.

Knowing that AI can be more efficient in some processes, it is good to look into ways of how such systems can aid in the processes of creating and distributing your marketing content.

AI and customer data analysis

First of all, AI can and often is used to gather and analyze customer data. AI collects the browsing history of each visitor of the website, their behavior, and responses to certain systems on the website. This, in turn, is analyzed and the operators of the site are given results that suggest what is relevant to incoming visitors. With this information, IT teams can create specific content that will engage the site’s visitors rather than going through the process of trial and error.

AI-generated content marketing empowers graphic designers

content marketing

Another advantage of AI within the content marketing field is that it can be a great helper when it comes to graphics. It is no secret that visually pleasing content attracts more attention. Infographics, for example, help readers understand and remember the content presented. This is the reason why less content is being developed in text form and more in the form of images and illustrations. AI-generated content through tools like Google AutoDraw, Storyboard, DesignScape, and Brandmark act as a jetpack for content marketers. Creation of sophisticated designs becomes as easy as doodling a couple of lines, entering a few keywords, and downloading a ready-to-use the image.

Tools that assist the writing process

Some AI tools can even help to write content itself. Although in the experimental stage, tools that work to assist the writer are being developed to provide suggestions, recommendations, and even write content using given keywords.

Using benefits that AI provides helps to cut costs, save precious time, and target customers more effectively. A business can quickly and effectively focus efforts on producing and promoting the right kind of content paired with great quality graphics — and this can be done at hardly any cost and in almost no time. Processes boosted by AI become a competitive advantage, help attract potential customers, and produce possibilities for growth through increased profits, which makes AI inclusion a crucial step in your successful content marketing strategy.

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2 thoughts on “Content marketing and AI: Cut your costs and increase your customers”

  1. Great article Melissa, love those AI-powered graphic design tools!

    Another interesting application of AI in customer data analytics is modeling to identify underlying data patterns that can help marketers better tailor their content and creative to various segments.

    Perfect example: one of our D2C clients learned that their older customers preferred darker-colored couches, while younger buyers were more likely to purchase lighter-colored ones. The client then tailored their ad creative accordingly.

    It’ll be interesting to see how marketers combine all these tools to deliver more personalized content.

  2. Thanks, Perry. I guess all AI tools from my list including your sample are a crucial step in business successful content marketing strategy

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