ControlUp Monitoring Tool Review

Last September, I posted a blog and video about a monitoring tool called ControlUp. Now, Wilco van Bragt has posted a really in-depth review of the tool complete with various screen shots.

Wilco writes “…When you see the first screen shots you think ControlUp is a nice but relatively small monitor product. Although I love the idea of the monitor functionality of ControlUp, I would really like it to display more information, so adding custom performance counters in the monitor views is on the top of my wish list. Also I hope Smart-X will add a possibility to really log the monitor data, so you can use the collected data for trend analysis and troubleshooting purposes.

However, if you dive a bit deeper into the product, you will discover it to be much more than a monitoring product. It offers a good Remote Desktop Manager component and advanced Event Viewer features. But most of all it offers very useful actions, some of which are really killer features. At the moment, this part is the real power of ControlUp and I think many organizations can benefit from it.”

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