Cool Task Pane in the TMG Firewall Console System Node

I was doing some work with my TMG firewall this weekend and clicked on the System node in the left pane of the TMG firewall console. I’m not sure why I did that, but I did. What I found there was a nice little collection of tools located in the Talk Pane. Take a look at this:


Wow! Here’s what each of these things do:

  • Configure Selected Server. This option allows you to configure things like the CARP load balancing and the name used for intra-array communication
  • Change Computer Details. This option allows you to rename the computer, join or leave the domain, and change the computer name.
  • Browse Computer Certificates. This option opens the Certificates MMC. Nice!
  • Install Server Certificate. This option opens a dialog box that enables you to install the server certificates and CA certificates on to the firewall. Very nice!
  • Manage Users and Groups. This option allows you to manage local users and groups on the TMG firewall.
  • Adjust Date and Time. This option opens the Date/Time configuration tool.
  • Restart Computer. This option restarts the firewall computer.
  • Shut Down. This option shuts down the firewall computer.

I found this collection of tools to be a nice surprise. Hope you enjoy!



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