CPU Optimization Solutions Compared

In a multi-user environment such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH), it is very important that the underlying Operating System maintain an acceptable level of performance for each user so that one user on the system doesn’t wreak havoc for everyone else.  There are several options out there and Barry Schiffer has detailed the highlight for some of them in a new article on his website.  The products compared include:

  • Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Dynamic Fair Share Scheduling (DFSS)
  • Citrix CPU Utilization Management
  • RES CPU Management
  • Threadlocker by Andy Morgan

Each solution’s inner-working is briefly described as well as pros/cons of each.  For example, DFSS works based on a filter driver which means that it will react instantly when a process is launched. However, Citrix acts based on process spikes and process priority so although this might work well is means that it will start acting after a certain period of CPU usage.

I highly recommend this short read for all the RDSH admins out there.  Continue reading at the source…

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