Create a blank floppy disk image in Hyper-V 3.0

When you have a virtual floppy drive installed in your virtual machine, you have the option to manage how the floppy drive in the virtual machine will behave, if it’s installed at all. By default, the floppy drive has no media, but you can also create and use a virtual floppy disk if you need to do so. First of all, you need a blank virtual floppy disk. To create a new blank virtual floppy disk:

Open the Hyper-V Manager

Go to the Actions menu and choose New > Floppy Disk (Figure 1)


Figure 1

This opens the Create Virtual Floppy Disk dialog box that you see below in Figure 2. In this window, provide a file name that you’d like to associate with the new blank floppy image.


Figure 2

Now need to “insert” the image into one of your virtual machines. Open the settings page for the target server and choose the Diskette Drive option. On the properties page for that device, choose the Virtual floppy disk (.vfd) file option and locate the floppy image. Once you’ve done so, click the Open button.


Figure 3

You can now use the new floppy disk image just as you would a real blank floppy.

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