Create Folder on Users’ Mailboxes

One could think that the Exchange Online and Exchange 2013 New-MailboxFolder cmdlet would allow administrators to create folders on other users’ mailboxes. Unfortunately this is not the case…

Basically RBAC (Role Based Access Control) only allows the administrator to run this cmdlet on the mailbox it owns. As we can see below, RBAC has an implicit recipient read and write scope set to Self:


So can we create a new role based on MyBaseOptions and update the ImplicitRecipientReadScope to OrganizationConfig? Once again, unfortunately no… You see, if you read the Understanding management role scopes TechNet article, it states that:

“You can’t change the implicit scopes defined on management roles. You can, however, override the implicit write scope and configuration scope on a management role. When a predefined relative scope or custom scope is used on a role assignment, the implicit write scope of the role is overridden, and the new scope takes precedence. The implicit read scope of a role can’t be overridden and always applies.”

By the way, the exact same thing applies to the Get-MailboxFolder cmdlet… The good news for this cmdlet is that we can simply use the Get-MailboxFolderStatistics cmdlet to list all folders in any mailbox we want.

So, as far as I know, there is nothing we can do to make this cmdlet work for other mailboxes the administrator does not own. So is there a way to create folders for other users? Yes, using Exchange Web Services (EWS) script!    🙂

I have written a few EWS scripts to perform certain actions that are not possible using the native Exchange cmdlets. To achieve this, I am not going to re-invent the wheel as there is already a great script by David Barrett to do exactly what we want. For more information on his script, please check his blog article PowerShell: Create folders in users’ mailboxes.

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