Create a registered Windows NT service out of applications

A standard question that arises in Windows NT is how to run an application, a
batch file or some other process automatically whether someone is logged on or
not. The Windows NT Resource Kit srvany.exe and instrsrv.exe . The standard reference is:

Create a User-Defined Service, Srvany.exe Q137890

Passing Environment Variables to Applications started by

Troubleshooting Srvany using CMD.EXE Q152460

If this does not work for you, check out:

Idetix has released a freeware utility, Invoker , which generates a registered service out of (most)
applications that can be launched by the command line. A little easier than
SRVANY in the Resource Kit. (click on Support / Support Files)

Active+ has a full-featured commercial utility, ServiceMill , which supports
batch files, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi, Java, etc.

The autoexnt service allows you to run a
batch file, Autoexnt.bat, when you boot NT without having to log on to that
computer. AutoExNT.exe is a service which will run the autoexnt.bat file.
AutoExNT is an NT Resource Kit utility.

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