Customizing a Data Collector Set

As we have seen in the previous post creating a customized Data Collector Set is pretty straight forward. Go here to read the post! In addition we have seen that the data sources defined were derived from a set template. In this post we are going to see how you can add your own data sources to a previously created set:

To customize an existing Data Collector Set follow these steps:

  1. From Data Collector Sets\User Defined of Performance Monitor select your custom set, right click and select New, then Data Collector.
  2. From the What type of data collector would you like to create? page, type a name for your new data source, select the type and click Next.
    1. Performance Counter Data Collector – you can add as many performance counters as you like while you can assign a sample interval
    2. Event Trace Data Collector – you can add a number of Event Trace Providers while you can modify their properties
    3. Configuration Data Collector – you can add registry keys that you want to monitor.
    4. Performance Counter Alert – you can add alerts for specific thresholds bound with performance counters
  3. Click the remaining Ok and Finish buttons to complete the procedure.

Each Data Source can be later modified from the details pane (right hand side pane of performance monitor) by right-clicking it and selecting Properties. For instance the Configuration (Data Collector) source allows you to add configuration data other than registry keys set during the creation of the data source. You can add WMI management paths, file and state capture. Data sources that are no longer needed can be deleted from the list of sources in the user defined set.



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