Creating a bootable Windows 2000 CD

details the process of creating a bootable installation CD for Windows 2000.
They support CDRWin. The process involves copying the appropriate CAB files,
I386 install directory and marker files. There are instructions for Windows
NT2000 Professional, Server and Advanced Server.

Bink gives the details
for making bootable Windows 2000 CDs with Service Packs integrated.

For recovery purposes, Winternal’s ERD Commander 2000 is a valuable utility for systems
administrators who miss the ease of booting DOS disks to recover damaged Windows
installations. It is a powerful repair and recovery tool that fixes problems
that prevent Windows NT/2000 from booting, and salvages systems without losing
critical data. ERD Commander 2000 is a command-line based utility that boots
from either a set of floppy disks, a CD-ROM, or directly from the hard disk of a
Windows NT/2000 system. It allows users to perform recovery-related operations
by accessing and modifying files on NTFS and FAT disk volumes.

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