Creating a default network profile

You can pre-configure user profiles for your Vista users by creating a default network profile for them ahead of time. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to a computer running Vista using a domain user account.
  2. Configure the computer as desired by changing its wallpaper etc.
  3. Log off, then log on again but this time using a Domain Admins account.
  4. Click Start, right-click on Computer, select Properties.
  5. Click Advanced System Settings, select the Advanced Settings tab, click Settings under User Profiles.
  6. Select the user profile created in step 2 above and click Copy To.
  7. Type \\\NETLOGON\Default User.v2 in the Copy To box.
  8. Click Change, type Everyone, click OK twice.

Doing these steps copies the customized user profile you created to the NETLOGON share on your domain controller. Now when a user logs on to their Vista computer for the first time, the computer will check this NETLOGON share, find a profile there named Default User.v2, and use this profile as the basis for creating a new user profile for the user.

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