Creating and managing DHCP scopes using Netsh

You can use the Netsh command to create and manage DHCP scopes from the command line. A scope is a pool of IP addresses that a DHCP server can lease to clients that need them. You can use this approach to write batch scripts of Netsh commands you can run on a DHCP server to quickly configure it.

For example, to create a scope named "Second Floor" that has network ID and subnet mask, use the following command:

netsh dhcp server add scope "Second Floor"

Then to add the address range to to this scope, use this command:

netsh dhcp server scope add iprange

And if you want to exclude the address from your scope, do this:

netsh dhcp server scope add excluderange

You can even create a reservation for a specific address like like this:

netsh dhcp server scope add reservedip 0004FE42A3BE

Here 0004FE42A3BE is the MAC address of the system you want to reserve the address for.

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