Creating Transport Rule in Exchange 2010 using EMS

In a previous tip, I gave a brief explanation on how to create Transport Rules in Exchange 2007.

The New-TransportRule cmdlet finally suffered a big improvement in Exchange 2010 and is now much, much easier to use!

Let’s have a look at how to create the same basic rule but now in 2010. This rule will redirect every e-mail sent from Nuno’s mailbox that has a particular subject to the Quarantine mailbox.


New-TransportRule “Block Non Delivered e-mails from Nuno” -Comments ”Prevent Nuno from forwarding NDRs e-mails” -From [email protected] -SentToScope “NotInOrganization” -SubjectContainsWords “FW: There was an error sending your mail”, “FW: Mail delivery failed”, “FW: failure notice” -RedirectMessageTo [email protected] -Enabled $True


For more information:

·         New-TransportRule

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