Cross Org mailbox migration cleanup with Exchange Server 2007

The MSexchangeTeam has just blogged about two new parameters that will come with Exchange Server 2007 SP1. These parameters will help to synchronize in a better way when we are moving mailbox between exchange server organizations.

After performing a Cross Org mailbox migration, administrators need to enable mail redirection from the source to the target forest. Even though GALSync remains the recommended tool for this purpose, the initial synchronization process can take some time which means that messages queued during the move and messages sent from users in the source forest before the contacts objects were created will NDR.

To address this issue, Exchange 2007 added to Move-mailbox a parameter called SourceMailboxCleanupOptions to determine what “source cleanup” will be done after the move.

For RTM, this parameter accepts 2 options:

  • DeleteSourceMailbox: Deletes mailbox attributes from source user
  • DeleteSourceNTAccount: Deletes source user AD object

These two options don’t address completely the issue but allow easier scripting than we had in the Exchange 2003 days. To fully support our additional cleanup needs we have added 2 new options for this parameter in SP1:

  • CreateSourceContact: Deletes source user AD object and creates a contact on the source forest that points to the mailbox just moved to the target forest
  • MailEnableSourceAccount: Deletes mailbox attributes from source user and mail enables the source user so it points to the mailbox just moved to the target forest

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