Cybersecurity organization CREST appoints new president

CREST, a UK-based information security accreditation and certification body that is a founding member of the UK Cyber Security Council, has appointed a new president. According to a press release, the former president, Ian Glover, retired recently after holding the post for 13 years. In his place, CREST chose Rowland Johnson, who the nonprofit body credits with spearheading international expansion (especially in the Singapore and United States cybersecurity markets).

Commenting on the appointment, Johnson had this to say:

I feel hugely privileged by the support from CREST’s elected members and regional chairs for my appointment to this prestigious role… I will be working closely with Ian and the whole of the CREST team to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible for CREST members and for everyone we work with across the industry, governments, regulators and academia. It is important that members are always right at the heart of everything CREST does and we will be focusing on providing greater support and encouraging closer collaboration, helping us to take things forward so that we are able to build on Ian’s legacy. He leaves CREST in a very strong position.

The press release confirms that Ian Glover will continue to lead various CREST operations until Dec. 1. Johnson will take over for an initial one-year period before being permanently made president. Glover also commented on Rowland Johnson’s appointment:

Having worked closely with Rowland for six years while he was a member of the CREST GB Executive, I am delighted that he is taking up the President’s role… During my time with CREST I hope I have helped organisations to mature and grow and encouraged individuals to enter and thrive in an increasingly professional industry, and I am confident it will also be Rowland’s mission to carry on this work.

CREST has grown in recent years to be a vital component of information security on a global scale. With this new era, it will be interesting to see where they go from here.

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