Report Shows Data Science Will Be in Demand for 2023

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Reports indicate that professionals with diversified skill sets in data science and data security will succeed in today’s market.
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Hiring company HackerRank published its developer skill report for 2023 on November 10. The report shows the most in-demand skills. Trends show the popularity of data science and data security in the future job market.

According to the report, skill diversity in the basics and specialties will be in demand for 2023. An employee with diverse skill sets can get higher positions. For example, data researchers need both coding knowledge and cybersecurity experience. 

This trend may worry senior developers who find it hard to learn new skills. But they don’t need to become proficient at these skills to succeed. Preferably, they should have enough knowledge to collaborate when necessary.

Current State of the Tech Industry 

This year has introduced many changes in the tech industry. Although tech and data science professionals were in demand, jobs were less stable.

Twitter and Meta (Facebook) laid off thousands of developers this year. Additionally, Apple and Alphabet (Google) have reduced hiring. But, demand for tech talent remained. Cybersecurity alone reported zero unemployment in September.

As a solution to this issue, businesses can use different tactics. For one, companies needing talent can educate their existing employees or outsource tasks. 

But, for the employees, the options are few. According to the report, however, employees must upskill to stay at the top. On top of their basic skills, employees will need advanced skills to succeed in 2023.

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Developers need to know about business analytics.
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Skill Requirement Evolution

When it comes to the tech industry, it’s not enough to master a single skill. Nowadays, it’s about blending different skill sets. For example, SAP or FileMaker developers can complement their resumes with SQL know-how.

However, database development isn’t the only field where this principle will apply. Every sector in the tech industry introduces new tools. Mastering these tools puts employees above the rest of the talent. 

In many cases, new possibilities can open up for companies that hire someone with expertise in new tools. Since agile management is required these days, companies will do well if they’ve employees with diverse skills.

Similarly, the networking sector can benefit from employees who know many tools. Companies looking for monitoring tools will benefit from hiring talent with knowledge of products like KerioControl and IPv6 protocol management.

Data Science with a Focus on Cybersecurity

Data science will be the most in-demand skill in 2023. However, data science is an expansive field. In general, it’s a cross-section of IT skills, mathematics, and business.

For most job candidates in 2023, it’s worth noting that only one subfield of data science will be in-demand. Additionally, data science is a career path that has phenomenal demand. But it’ll be better for job seekers to focus on cybersecurity and IT.

Complex math should be second. It helps professionals understand the functioning of project models.

And, in the current era of Big Data, compiling and rationalizing data is very beneficial. In financial services and banking, employees with math backgrounds will adapt faster.

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Mastering basics is as important as acquiring new skills.
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Java, Python, C++, JS, and SQL Are Still on the Top

New software is continuously entering the market. But, programming languages and tools have remained the same for decades.

First published in 1974, SQL is half a century old. Yet, it’s still popular today. Even new developers prefer it as the best resource.

Even JavaScript has been around since December 1995. Yet, it’s still a relevant requirement in many jobs.

Ideally, a new developer should master all five programs. While most companies will require proficiency in one of the five, certifications in all will give candidates an edge.

REST API Know-How in High Demand

Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface, or REST API, as a concept, has been around for over two decades and has only recently begun to get attention. REST API has become indispensable when it comes to application development.

To learn REST API, tech specialists must know HTTP. From there, REST API uses common sense problem-solving. Mainly, it connects two software to make drawing information easier.

With the rise in e-commerce and internet-based services, REST API experts will thrive.

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