Deep Dive Into DirectAccess – NAT64 and DNS64 In Action

image Let’s face it – DirectAccess was not designed for ease of use. Anyone who’s had a chance to wrestle with configuring DirectAccess, even in a test lab, quickly learns that getting it to work in a production environment is not going to be the average admin.

There are a thousand ways you can get your configuration wrong. Put on top of that the fact that most IT admins are not expert with IPv6 – and the fact that many organizations are revisiting plans to moving to IPv6 since the benefits don’t seem to outweigh the gains, it starts to make DirectAccess seem like something you don’t want to put on your to-do list real soon.

Whether Microsoft could have done it better or make it easier is moot – that horse is out of the barn. But one thing you can do it use UAG to make it much, much easier to deploy DirectAccess.

In this article by Meir Mendelovich, he goes through some technologies that might be new to you – namely NAT64 and DNS64. I know that I never heard of them before looking at UAG and DirectAccess.

Check out Meir’s article here:



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