The Delegates page is not available

The other day, a user was trying to give his new personal assistance Delegate permissions to his mailbox. However, whenever he clicked on Delegate Access:



He would receive an error message stating: “The Delegates page is not available. Cannot access Outlook folder.”



After some troubleshooting and digging around, it turned out that this was being caused by a particular Outlook (Inbox) rule! I am still to investigate why this rule was causing this problem and why would any rule prevent configuring delegates, so this is still a mystery…


If you are experiencing the same problem, simply disable any existing rules one by one until you are able to configure delegates. Alternatively, you can start Outlook by typing “Outlook /CleanRules” in the Start Menu to start Outlook and delete all rules (probably not recommended).


6 thoughts on “The Delegates page is not available”

  1. This was in fact the issue for my one user.
    Would be interested to understand why a rule would affect the delegate rights

    1. Same here! This doesn’t make much sense to me, but that’s what was causing it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find out why…

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